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Wall tattoo designs are a very inspirational way of adding flavor to your corporate environment or your private home walls. Use your own imagination to create texts and motive or ask us for designs.

If you are looking for a Corporate Design implementation, we are happy to offer you pantone colored film (minimum quantity applies).

The designs are easy to apply to the wall and they will also come off easily and residue-freely (depending on the composition of the wall).

Verändern Sie Ihr Geschäft oder die privaten Wohnwände ganz einfach mit modernen Wandtattoos und nach Ihren eigenen Vorstellungen. Mit passenden Texten oder Motiven aus unserem Katalog setzen Sie entscheidende Akzente und damit die Identität des Unternehmens mit massgeschneidertem Corporate Design stilsicher um. Die Folien lassen sich leicht anbringen und durch den Spezialkleber (auf den meisten Wänden) ohne Rückstände wieder entfernen.

Features of Wall Tattoo Designs

+ easily applied

+ removable due to a soft glue

+ self-installation possible

And how do you apply the film? The motive will be cut out from a high-quality film using a plotter. The excess material will be removed – just the way any film preparation would take place. Afterwards, the motive will be transferred and fixated on a clear film that is needed during the application process. The last step is to position the motive exactly where you want it to be and tape it at the center top and bottom. Then, scrub the film firmly before you remove the transfer film. You’re done!