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Screen print is a multifunctional printing method that allows complex artwork to be a full success. Due to the setup cost for the silk-screen we recommend this printing method for a minimal order of 20 pieces. Hence, the more pieces you order, the cheaper the printing cost will be per piece, while you get to enjoy maximum quality.

During the screen printing process the ink is pressed through a fine-meshed screen by means of scraper. In this process the screen is used as a template.

Features of Screen Print

+ high wash resistance and color fastness

+ special effects possible (e.g. 3D, foam, metallic or fluorescent effects)

+ photo-realistic motives possible (minimum quantity of 50 pieces)

+ express service possible

– non-recurring film and screen cost (per color and motive)

Did you know?!

We offer prints via silk-screen on many other materials, such as paper, cardboard, plastic, wood, glass, stone and may more. We would love to consult you and help you find the right printing method for your. Ask for your offer today!