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With silk-screen transfer printing you will experience all the advantages of screen printing. However, the motive will not be printed onto the textile, but on anti-adhesive transfer paper instead. Why is that? The indirect printing method allows stocking the transfers and printing them at a later point in time. Hence, in the long run you save money by ordering a higher quantity and you may benefit from our stock and print service afterwards.

Silk-screen transfer printing is of high interest to social clubs or companies in a growth or change process, who will need to re-order on a regular basis. The process is very easy, saves you time and money as we will be informed and ready for quick re-order. Also, we will be able to print the motive onto every soft good that you want.

Features of Silk Screen Transfer Printing 

+ high washability and color fastness

+ sophisticated & detailed motives possible

+ average shelf life of up to 2 years

+ Just-in-Time production

+ photorealistic motives possible (minimum order of 100 pieces)

+ express order possible

– non-recurring film and silk-screen costs (per motive & color)

– may have a bit of a plasticized touch

A sample of a silk-screen transfer motive on anti-adhesive paper: