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Hardly any stores operate without attractive window designs nowadays. And whether you need your company logo, opening hours or a frosted glass film – we will make sure your customers won’t pass you by.

We offer a variety of different and long-lasting window films that will catch the attention of passers-by. In spite of the durability, the film can be removed relatively easily and the window will be ready for the next campaign within a short time.

If a customer is experienced and wished to undertake the application themselves, we are happy to assist with our professional tools. Hence, we support you during all needed steps, from the design to the mounting.

In general, we recommend a minimum outside temperature of 10°C and a maximum of 38°C as this will ensure best results.


Features of Shop Window Labeling

+ durable

+ may be residue-free removed

+ self-installation possible upon request

+ digital print possible