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Nowadays, photos can be printed on various different surfaces and presented in your front room.


Canvas – this type of print will directly be applied onto a high-quality canvas. After the print is finished and dried up, every corner will be turned over and fixed to a wood frame. However, the wood frame will not be visible.

Acrylic glass – let your favorite picture shine on acrylic glass! The direct digital print produces a glossy look and brilliant colors. After the color print, a white print will be added, in order to manufacture strong contrasts and saturated colors.

Aluminum – share our enthusiasm for timeless elegance of aluminum! Aluminum composite material is able to maintain its stable form even with larger sizes and it is ideal for photo prints.

Backlit film – light up your favorite motive! Whether you use it in your private apartment or for advertising purposes: a photo print on a light-transmissive backlit film emphasizes the color force of your photo. This effect is very favorable when it comes to LED light boxes, especially if you want to be visible at night. And of course, we also offer standard light boxes.

Wood – a direct digital print on wood looks very elegant, especially since the structure remains visible. This type of print is mainly used in order to print benches.

Other material – please do not hesitate to consult us. We are able to print on many different materials.


Our advertising flags can be used in very different ways. We offer a variety of shapes, models and finishings. The classic pole flag will be fixed to a pole wherefrom it waves along the long side.

Meanwhile, the banner flag hangs downside from the crossbars. The crossbars are directly linked to the flag pole or a flag staff.

Beachflags or squareflags are offered in a stable format and including a four-color print. All beachflags include telescope rod, bag and foot.


We print your own photo wallpaper, which is highly interesting for architects and interior designer. But it may also provide an extraordinary touch in your private home.

Canvas cover

This highly resistant and multifunctional material is suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising. We offer our canvas with or without eyelets. In addition, you can choose whether we print directly onto the canvas or use film instead. We keep an assortment of different grammage, which means different textures and thickness for different occasions.

Good to know: mesh canvas are used most often, in order to vest buildings. The mesh is wind permeable, which is useful in order to avoid ending up with a huge sail if the print is as large as a building.

High performance film

We offer digital printing on various high performance films such as car film, shop window film or for any other advertising purpose. If needed we will add a lamination finish (matt or glossy) in order to protect the print.


Advertising stickers can have a bigger effect than you think. We offer them in many different shapes and colors – for example on a clear film. A lamination finish is provided for print protection and is either matt or glossy.

The most popular sticker shapes are round or rectangular. However, with our modern print&cut machines we can cut out any shape for you.


Whether you need a standard sized poster or you are looking for a customized size, we can cut any large size format for you. A matt or glossy lamination finish will protect your print and paper from humidity and dirt. Hence, we print on different kind of papers.

Construction site signs

If you are already in possession of a construction site sign, we can print onto a digital film and apply it onto your sign. However, removing the existing lettering can be quite extensive. The other possibility would be to directly print onto the sign, depending on its material. The materials used for construction site signs are manifold: forex, rigid foam, aluminium, acrylic glass, wood etc.

Do not hesitate to ask us for advice!