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Printing of personalized t-shirts and other textiles has become quite trendy. Flex and flock films are one of the most common ways to print personal texts, company logos or graphics onto soft goods. All films in our range of products are of high quality and keep their colors and shape for a long time if handled properly. Since the films are razor-thin the prints feel comfortable and soft and may hardly be perceived by the wearer. In addition, the textile films either come in one color or with a pattern, while different colors may be combined.

Before we start with the printing process, we must prepare the motive and cut it out from the film with a cutting plotter. Afterwards, the redundant parts will be removed from the film and the motive can then finally be printed onto the textile with a printing press. Done!

Features of t-shirt printing 

+ single-unit production

+ express delivery possible

+ special effects (e.g. gold, glitter)

+ expressive colors

– colors are pre-defined by films

– no color gradients