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Car Wrapping became a trend during the last few years, because it is a valid alternative to painting. It is not only cheaper, but the car film also protects the the underlying paint.

Of course, a wrapped car draws a lot of attention from passers-by, which is probably the effect you are looking for if you use your car for advertising purposes. If so, we can digitally print the film before applying it onto your car. Hence, you can drive around in your own design, such as your corporate logo.

If you only wish to wrap parts of your car and highlight it with some accents, we will offer you a partial wrapping at any time.

Our delivery time is approx. 2-4 excluding set-up time.

Car Wrapping Features

+ removable

+ paint protection

+ cost-saving compared to new paint

+ durable high-performance film

+ broad palette of colors and patterns

+ digital print possible