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Patches and appliqués are a favorable alternative to direct embroidery.

Features of Patches

If you do not want to have the motive stitched into the soft good directly, you may want to look into patches. Also, if you prefer to use the motive for several textiles or share it with others, a removable patch is advisable.

This is how patches are produced: a piece of fabric will be used for the embroidery and seamed with a satin stich, before the motive is cut off the fabric. At a later point in time, it may then be sewed onto the preferred textile. However, we also offer various options such as button holes, Velcro or a fusible back.

+ storable

+ ideal for groups or social clubs

+ textiles (such as costumes or uniforms) must not be delivered to our shop

+ replaceable and removable


Features of Appliqués

The high quality of embroidery can even be increased by adding appliqués made of fabric. And it is trendy, too!

During the production process, the fabric will be laid onto the textile and the motive embroidered on top. If needed, the fabric may be cut into the required shape by a laser machine, beforehand.

Eventually, the end product will feel as comfortable as any other embroidered textiles.

+ trendy

+ noble look

+ highlights the design

– not suitable for motives with very complex details